Spring 2010 Herculaneum

Spring 2010 – Herculaneum

Professor : Scott Schlimgen

Team : Amanda Carr, Drew Cunningham, Megan Cusack, Sarah Cushing, Christine Greene, Kelsey Holmes, and Magdalena Kukulska

While in Rome, our study abroad had the unique opportunity to visit the archeological site of Herculaneum, near Naples. A site made famous due to its demise at the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, and rivaling other sites such as Pompeii, it represents a very well preserved connection to the Roman Empire in Italy.

We met with the archeologists at the site, as well as city leaders and participated in a design charrette to find ways to improve both local community access as well as tourist connections to the site.

As a team, we constructed a multi-year plan to facilitate the goals of education, environmentalism, and tourism. My role of the team was primarily graphic, being the editor in chief with the final drawings and presentations which would ultimately be published and viewed on site and in local publications. I was also in charge of creating those renderings of our building projects, including a community center as well as a children’s museum.

Process Sketches

On-site section of elevational analysis
One of the proposed rendering for community center prior to final work.



Community Center
Community Center
Children's Museum
Children’s Museum
Community Center Interior
Community Center Interior
Community Center Via Mare Entrance
Community Center Via Mare Entrance


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