The Box Scene Project

Beginning late 2012, I became the graphic designer for a small non-profit charity organization called The Box Scene Project.

The project, originally run by two young professionals, wanted to elevate and expand the project’s influence and professionalism. Since joining, I have created a consistent brand across social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr) as well as graphically advertise our efforts on these media platforms. Additionally, I was responsible for formatting over 40 books for printing for our annual giveaway event.

To date, we have raised over $100,000 for the various charities across North America, including The Trevor Project, Young Storytellers Foundation, and Project Limelight.

About the Box Scene Project:

“… The Box Scene Project is committed to positively contributing to society and the fan community by giving back to charity and fans by raising and donating money to worthy organizations and sharing scripts and other memorabilia with fellow fans. It is our sincere hope and belief that by allying with other fans and groups, the money we raise and donate will help others continue to do good in our world while simultaneously increasing visibility and representation of LGBT characters and couples in popular media, and thereby helping to create a more equal and just world…” – Source

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